PHOAC, a privately owned California corporation, began in 1991, with a foundation of innovative community management at a fair price. Since then, PHOAC has grown into a well developed management firm with community relationships exceeding 25 years.  Several of the first properties that PHOAC managed in 1991 are still with us today. We feel that speaks volumes.

Accountability.  Trust.  Integrity.  Transparency.  Workmanship.  Passion.  Diversity.  Leadership.  Commitment.

PHOAC prides itself on its personalized services and competitive pricing.  Our commitment to the highest standards in service are evident in continually upgrading our equipment and software to ensure that our Associations are maintained most efficiently. 

PHOAC is a service-oriented company.  The methods and techniques used in the delivery allow us to meet our ever-growing goals of excellence and ensure that all clients get a prompt response to any emergency request 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PHOAC employs individuals that have a passion for helping and improving, are customer centric and ethical. Whether you are phoning our office, have an appointment, or attending a board meeting, you are our focus and your satisfaction is our desire. Being an established HOA Property Management firm is something to be taken very seriously and is evident by the longevity of our community relationships and pleased homeowners. The years of experience paired with awards of excellence earned, ensures a team that you will want working for you.

PHOAC is a portfolio-themed management company. A portfolio is more than the clients a company provides services to, it’s a true reflection of the company providing the services. Our attention to detail is seen as you enter these communities and our hard work and dedication is evident in the financial standing of each. We strive to create not only an inviting community to raise a family in, but also one that continually increases in resale value. Our Community Association Managers are hand paired to communities within our portfolio to optimize their strengths to the unique characteristics of the community.